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NOTICE to Woking Residents: 10/14/2017 15:28 am

The Woking Water Treatment Plant is back in operation however water pressure will fluctuate over the the next week as we perform the necessary repairs. For the latest updates please check our Facebook page.

Service Request System Down

ServiceSaddle Hills County's online Service Request System is experiencing technical difficulties. County staff are working to resolve the issue but, at present, we have no anticipated date of resolution. If you have an issue you would like to bring to the attention of County staff, or would like an update on an existing issue and have been unable to access the online tool, please get in touch with County staff by phone at: 780-864-3760, or by email at: admin@saddlehills.ab.ca.

Rural Potable Water Agreements

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Summer in Saddle Hills County

From parks and camping to hiking, fishing and boating, Saddle Hills has a great deal to offer the traveler during the summer months.

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Norma Rickman