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Saddle Hills County Rural Development Department is pleased to provide the following links important and useful sources of information for local farmers.

Quick Links:


Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

List of Regulations related to Agriculture

Dairy Farmers of Canada                                              

Farm Credit Corporation (FCC)                                  

FCC Grande Prairie Office, 111-10416 116th Avenue, Grande Prairie AB, T8V 4K5, 
Phone: (780) 532-4790,Fax: (780) 538-3575, Email | Locate on Map

Economic Development Corporation (EDC)         

Canadian Bison Association        

Canola Council                          

Canadian Cattlemen’s Association                           

Canadian Grain Commission                                       

Canadian Organic Growers                                         

Grain Growers of Canada

Holistic Management Canada                                    

Youth in Agriculture

Futurpreneur Canada

Export Development Canada 

Provincial (or Partnership with Federal)

Alberta Farm and Ranch workplace legislation

Alberta Agriculture & Forestry

- Alberta Agriculture Laws Online/Catalogue Search

Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association           

Growing Forward 2 Programs                                    

Alberta Elk Commission                

Alberta Economic Development & Trade                              

Alberta Federation of Agriculture                            

Alberta Wheat Commission                                        

Alberta Industry Associations                                    

Alberta Small Business Resources                            

Alberta Milk                                                                      

Feeder Associations of Alberta                                 

Bison Producers of Alberta         

Business Link

Community Futures Grande Prairie

Community Futures Peace Country                        

Egg Farmers of Alberta                                                 

Alberta Food Matters                                                   

Ag Food Council                                                                   
Alberta Organic Producers Association                  

Alberta Environmental Farm Plan

Energy Efficiency Alberta                                             

Organic Alberta                                                                

Alberta Farm Days                                          

Alberta Beef Producers                                                

Alberta Pork                                                                     

Western Hog Exchange                                                  

Alberta Environmental Farm Plan                            

Alberta Barley                                                                  

Alberta Chicken Producers                                         

Alberta Hatching Egg Producers                                

Alberta Honey Producers                                            

Alberta Lamb Producers                                                              

Alberta Turkey Producers         

        Places to order Trees

        Hardy Plants for the Prairies

        Cows & Fish



Peace Country Beef & Forage Association           


Peace Region Forage Seed Association                 

Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance           

           Peace River Regional District  

Other Links of Interest

  • Alberta Farm Safety & Wellness               



  • PACE Crisis line (Providing Assistance, Counselling and Education) serves the Peace region with a 24-hour crisis line at (780) 539-6666.
  • Agriculture for Life                                                         
  • CleanFarms                                                                     

Workshop/Training Opportunities