Weed & Pest Decision Matrix

ASB’s Weed and Pest Management Decision Matrix

Invasive plants, or weeds, are the focus of this document as the County shares a border with British Columbia and there are several transportation routes from the Peace River Regional District used by the agriculture industry, recreationalists and the oil and gas industry.

Decision MatrixThe proximity of the County to the border results in some vulnerability as invasive plants know no boundaries, and they could hitch-hike on equipment, livestock or regular transportation into the County.

 Some of those invasive plants may be new to Alberta and not be listed on the Weed Control Act. This document provides a rationale for addressing weeds that are not listed on any Alberta legislation.

This document uses global, federal and provincial plant lists and raises those that plague the local agricultural industry into four categories which, combined with an invasion curve and a threshold to make management decisions. While a Weed is simply a plant growing where it shouldn’t be, invasive plants are those that are introduced from other parts of the world and once arrived exhibit invasive tendencies because their environmental controls have changed.

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Weed & Pest Management Decision Matrix