Weeds & Invasive Plants

Weed Management

Saddle Hills County has a long history of managing occupied properties and public lands for infestations of designated pests, prohibited noxious and noxious weeds as described in the Agricultural Pests Act and the Weed Control Act. Standardization of assessing weeds and pests exists for some species, but not all.

Many of the crop pests and diseases have defined collection parameters, scouting practices and protocols which are outlined in provincial standards and in County policies available on the Saddle Hills web site. The Weed Management Procedure (below) will remain a living document and will focus mostly on weeds it will serve as a guide for inspectors and the public.

Weed Management Procedure

Poisonous Outdoor Plants

The word poison should suggest a warning rather than create fear. Left alone, certain plants are harmless; however, if crushed or ingested by humans, they may produce upsetting, painful or even fatal results. Certain chemicals on leaf surfaces or in plant juices may be skin irritants and induce reddening, swelling or blistering.

Some chemicals effect changes leading to discoloration or light
sensitivity. The Guide to Poisonous Outdoor Plants (below) is intenbded to help Saddle Hills County farmers.

Guide to Poisonous Outdoor Plants