Utility Communications Network

TowerSaddle Hills County’s Utility Communications Network (UCN) consists of a series of high quality CSA certified towers that can accommodate multiple service providers. It is an open market and technology neutral model where wireless service providers including private enterprise may become tenants on the towers without having to invest in the tower infrastructure.

Saddle Hills County was the third municipality in Alberta to adopt this model, and several more have adopted it since. Click here to view the model diagram.

The initiative has developed into a forward-thinking plan which will see Saddle Hills County become a community in which broadband technology is available to residents, businesses and industry to fill a complete range of functions including home communications and internet use, business, marketing and economic development applications and overall improved local connectivity.

For information on the Utility Communications Network, or if you are a wireless service provider and wish to co-locate on a County tower, contact the Planning and Information Systems Department.

Tower Locations

To access our interactive map please simply click here.