Rezoning & Land Use Amendment

The County’s Land Use Bylaw categorizes each parcel of land into zoning districts that identify the types of development and the uses that may be considered on the land. Zoning is used as a mechanism to separate incompatible uses from one another and to coordinate development in such a manner as to maximize the efficient use of infrastructure. These districts can be found in the Land Use Bylaw along with the list of permitted and discretionary uses.


Rezoning is the process of amending the Land Use Bylaw with respect to the zoning district of a particular parcel so that it conforms with a proposed use(s). Rezoning of the land may be necessary if you wish to develop your land in a way that is not allowed under the current zoning, or if you wish to apply for a subdivision that will create more than the maximum number of parcels allowed in that district.

Amendments to the Land Use Bylaw

A similar process is required to amend the Land Use Bylaw for other purposes besides rezoning. For example, if a particular use is not listed in the Land Use Bylaw or some of the provisions need to be changed or added, a Land Use Bylaw Amendment is required.

To rezone your property or to apply for other amendments to the Land Use Bylaw, please complete the Land Use Bylaw Amendment Application. For application fees, refer to the Master Rates Bylaw.

Concurrent Rezoning and Subdivision Applications

If you are planning on subdividing and are required to rezone the lands, both applications can be dealt with concurrently, however, prior to receiving subdivision approval, County Council must approve the rezoning application. Should the rezoning application not be approved, the subdivision will also be refused. The applicant will be required to enter into a subdivision extension agreement with the County to allow for the rezoning application to be processed.

For further information, please contact the Planning & Information Systems Department.

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