The centralized Savanna School was built in 1965 at a cost of $97,944. The land used was purchased from Bryson Burrows. 86 students from Silver Valley and Fourth Creek filled the four classrooms. Rene Joly was the first principal with M. Torgerson , and P. Halikowski, teachers. Leona Richie supervised high school correspondence.

By 1966, five classrooms were operating and the Fourth Creek School was moved to the Savanna site to add classroom space. In 1967, an outdoor rink was built, and the Fourth Creek School barn was brought in to be a teacherage. In 1968-69, enrolment reached 160. In 1972, Cotillion students began being bussed to Savanna.

In 1974 four classrooms, a lab, a cafeteria, a library, offices and several smaller rooms including shower rooms were added. There were 12 teaching staff. In the 1970s the Savanna School students were a force to be reckoned with in track and field meets.

In 1990, Blueberry Creek School closed and some of its students were bussed to Savanna. There were still 10 classes recorded in 1996-97.


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