Visit Saddle Hills

Image of Fall by Christine ElliottSaddle Hills County is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Our Campgrounds are busy all summer long. No matter your lifestyle or schedule, we're more than happy to host you!

While you're here, taking a boat ride along the Peace River is a must. For a relaxing canoeing or kayaking trip, take a trip out to Hilltop Lake, Spring Lake, or Moonshine lake Provincial Park.

Our star attraction is the rim rock formations, a massive ridge of solid rock that was once the mouth of trench underneath the ocean. The rim rocks are nestled deep in the forest, and make for an incredible view. Prehistoric fossils have also been found in the County, and there are surely more that have yet to be uncovered.

After a long day of boating or fossil hunting, swing by the Blueberry General Store for all-day breakfast and one of the best burgers in the Peace Country.

Whether you visit in Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, Saddle Hills County is your place for big adventures and peaceful getaways. Our backyard is yours to discover and explore!

All of our Local Businesses are more than happy to help you during your stay in the County! Have a look at some of our Local Attractions while you're here.

Visit our YouTube channel to learn more about our beautiful County. Have a look at a few of Billi Comstock's videos featuring some of the nicest spots in the County for a day trip or a quite visit.

For more information on Moonshine Lake Campground visit Alberta Parks.

Jack Bird Pond is part of Moonshine Lake Provincial Park. For more information visit Alberta Parks.

For more information of Cotillion Campground visit Travel Alberta.

 Spring and Summer in Saddle Hills County

Saddle Hills County is full of adventure, and makes for an incredible getaway when the weather warms up. You can spend a lifetime exploring our great outdoors. Whether you camp, quad, boat, hike, fish, bike, or ride, we've got plenty of opportunity for you to seek thrills or relax and enjoy nature.

Our camp sites are serviced until October, and welcome visitors year round. Please be bear-smart and follow Leave No Trace principles when camping in the County. One of our most popular vacation spots is Moonshine Lake Provincial Park. Read a history of Moonshine Lake.

From the Dunvegan West Wildlands, or the Silver Valley Ecological Reserve to the Cotillion Recreation Area on the Peace River, Saddle Hills has plenty to explore.

While you're in the area, many of our communities and neighbours hold rodeos, parades, fairs, music festivals, and other community events. Check out our events calendar to see what we've got going on!

For all kinds of boaters, the Peace River is an adventure you cannot miss out on. For kayaks and canoes, our lakes make for a relaxing and scenic afternoon on the water.

 Autumn in Saddle Hills County

As harvest season comes to a close and the leaves turn colour, autumn is the perfect time to get out and explore all the County has to offer!

The Fall is hunting season in Saddle Hills. We are well known for our great elk and bears! You can get your hunting license and more information at the Blueberry General Store, at the junction of highways 725 & 680.

Keep in mind that while our campgrounds are open all year, they are only serviced until mid-October.

Please be bear-smart and follow Leave No Trace principles when camping in the County. Moonshine Lake provides camping, skating, and ice-fishing once the lake freezes over.

Birders and wildlife watchers can enjoy a day or evening at Jack Bird Pond just 3.5 km southeast of Moonshine Lake.

The Dunvegan Boat Launch is open for access to the Peace River until mid-October.

The Historic Dunvegan Site closes September 5th, but a wander around the grounds is still a relaxing journey through our frontier history.

 Winter in Saddle Hills County

With the snow comes more ways to explore Saddle Hills County. Everything in the County is so beautiful covered in snow. From the dense layers of ice on the Peace River to the wilderness around our campsites, our County becomes a whole new experience during winter.

All of our campgrounds welcome guests year round (serviced only until mid-October). Moonshine Lake is great for ice fishing and skating. Since 2021 you can also enjoy our County Slopes Toboggan Hill in Savanna. You can also enjoy some skiing at the Spring Lake Ski Hill (check to see if open) and you can cross-country ski around Spring Lake Campground.


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