Westmark school District was formed in 1937-38, with the first trustees being Fred Janssen, Johann Oltmanns, Harry Sloat, Gunther Pankow (chairman), and Clara Oltmanns (secretary). The township 76-7-W6 became the school district with the school site being NW 10-76-7 W6 on the corner of Fred Egge’s homestead.

The school opened in 1938 with Mrs. Hazel Coogan, teaching 16 students representing 7 families. Other memorable teachers of the 1940s were Robert Hemphill, Pat Weisgerber, Mary Rowe, And Mrs. Arlene Olafson. In June, 1955, the school was closed and students bussed to Woking. 92 students passed through the doors of the school during its operation.

Source: https://southpeacearchives.org/finding-aids/westmark-school-district-4799-fonds/

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