Where is Saddle Hills

Where, you may wonder, is Saddle Hills County. Good question ...

Map of Saddle HillsSaddle Hills County is in Northwestern Alberta. We share a border with British Columbia and the nearest major cities are Dawson Creek, BC (to our west) and Grande Prairie, AB (to our South).

If you're coming from Grande Prairie, Highway 2 will take you north of Grande Prairie to Rycroft where you will want to turn west on Highway 49. After going through the Village of Rycroft and the Town of Spirit River you are only 20 minutes away from our municipal offices.

If you're coming from Dawson Creek, Highway 49 takes you east, through the Pouce Coupe River valley and on to the Alberta/BC border. Once across the border you are minutes away from the Bay Tree store where you can stop for gas, food, directions or a great pasta salad.