Rural Addressing

Saddle Hills County uses rural addressing. This system makes it easier for people to find residences in the County. Emergency responders, service providers, and visitors all benefit from being able to easily locate your home!


What is a Rural Address?

Your rural address is meant to show that you are living at your address. Some people call it a “911 address.” If somebody asks for your 911 address, they are asking for your rural address. It also works as your “civic address.” If you live in Woking, your civic address is your street address.

How do I get a Rural Address?

If you do not have a rural address assigned to your residence or to your business, please contact the Planning & Information Systems Department.

I have more than one residence on my parcel. Should I have more than one rural address?

Yes. Each dwelling should have their own rural address. A business that is not in a residential yard site, that has occupied buildings, may also have a rural address.