Planning Documents

Before you consider developing, subdividing or rezoning, you will want to review the major documents, which govern development and land use in Saddle Hills County.

We have listed the Bylaws and Policies which guide our decision making process under Planning Bylaws & Policies. You will find complete listings of our Bylaws and Policies at the links below:

To enquire about a specific bylaw or policy related to Planning please email us or call us at 780-864-3760 and ask for the Planning & Development Department.

Municipal Development Plan

The County's Municipal Development Plan (MDP) informs you of the County's long-range land use strategy. It sets out the policies for guiding growth and development in the County.

The MDP is the foundation for the preparation of more detailed plans and is used in conjunction with the County's Land Use Bylaw when reviewing applications for development, subdivision or rezoning.

Land Use Bylaw

The County's Land Use Bylaw (LUB) regulates the use and development of land, buildings, and signs in the County.

By planning our land use, we help our communities grow and prosper.

Intermunicipal Development Plans

The County's Intermunicipal Development Plans (IDPs) are plans made between the County and its neighbouring municipalities. These plans help us cooperate with our neighbours in planning the future of land use along our borders.

Area Structure Plans

The County's Area Structure Plans (ASPs) help guide how land in a specific area can be subdivided and developed in the future, as well as the locations of transportation routes and public utilities.

The County has ASPs for Woking, Bay Tree, and The County Complex.

For more documents, see our Planning Policies.

If there is anything else you need, you can contact us.