Community and Social Support During COVID-19

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Community and Social Support During COVID-19

In order to protect the public and reduce the spread of COVID 19, some services such as Home Support and Bus Service have been suspended for the duration the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the need for Social Distancing and Self-Isolation, we need to remember family, friends and neighbours who are at higher-risk and may need your assistance.

High risk individuals include:

  • The elderly,
  • Those who are immuno-compromised
  • Anyone showing symptoms and are in quarantine
  • Travellers who have returned and are in self-isolation

If you know or are aware of anyone who is at greater risk or needs assistance or support with getting groceries, transportation, information on COVID-19, or any other activities please contact them (telephone, email, social media) to see if they need assistance and check-in with them on a regular basis.

For anyone concerned about symptoms of COVID-19 who does not have access to a computer or a cell phone, call 811.

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