Community Halls During COVID-19

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Saddle Hills County has canvassed our local Community Organizations to find out which of our halls and community centers are closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As of 2020-03-18 we can report the following:

Gordondale – self closing
Bonanza Hall – self closing
Bonanza Bowling Alley – self closing
Bonanza Ag Society Office – open
Bonanza ATB – open
Blueberry Mountain – March events cancelled - will revisit
Silvery Valley – self closing
Savanna Hall and Rec Plex- meeting today - will update
Gundy Hall – self closing
Fourth Creek – self closing
Westmark – self closing
Happy Valley – will re-evaluate before their next trail ride
Woking – self closing
Cotillion – unknown as of 2020-03-18
Baytree – Playground only