COVID Restrictions for Weddings & Funerals

Image of COVID-19 Weddings & Funerals

After requests from the public Saddle Hills County has put together the following update on the Alberta Government restrictions for funerals and weddings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • 50-person limit on indoor wedding or funeral receptions as they are considered social gatherings, which have a higher-risk of transmission. This is due to the social nature of these types of events, where 2 meters of physical distancing between people is difficult to maintain. Evidence shows there is a greater risk of transmission in an indoor gathering compared to an outdoor gathering.
  • 100-person limit on indoor wedding ceremonies or funeral services as they are seated events and individuals not from the same household should maintain 2 metres’ distance. As these events are more stationary in nature, there is less social interaction and therefore less risk of transmission.
  • 100-person limit outdoor gatherings. As indicated, outdoor events are considered lower risk than indoor events because it typically is easier to maintain distancing, there are less shared surfaces that are touched and air circulation limits the suspension of droplets in the air. However, close contact (less than 2 meters) and sharing food or drinks can significantly increase the risk of spread, even in an outdoor setting. Attendees should maintain physical distancing and observe public health recommendations such as practicing good hygiene and wearing a mask.


There are some differences for different types of gatherings, such as worship gatherings, audience type events, etc.  You can find out more at the Alberta Government's link:  Gatherings & Cohorts