Crop report June 1, 2021

Image of Combine

From Agriculture and Forestry, Statistics and Data Development Section - Intergovernmental and Trade Relations Branch.

Dry conditions prevailed over Alberta last week, with all of the areas south of Edmonton and the northern part of the Peace Region receiving three mm or less, (areas shaded in pink on Map). Conversely, the areas shaded orange, yellow
and green received precipitation amounts ranging from five to 40 mm. The drier conditions have allowed Alberta producers to approach completion of spring planting.

Provincial seeding of the 2021 crop (See Table 1) is at 99 per cent, up 10 per cent from last week. This is slightly ahead of last year and the five-year average of 93 per cent; and the ten-year average of 94 per cent. The remaining crops to be seeded are mainly feed grains (barley, oats, and mixed grain) for silage.

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