Fireworks Permission Required

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With Canada Day just around the corner it is important to remember that permission is required to use fireworks in the Forest Protection Area (FPA). To receive permission please call 780-538-5560.

A fire advisory, restriction, ban or forest closure may prohibit or limit use of fireworks during high
wildfire hazard situations within the FPA. Check the or mobile phone app for the latest information.

Forest Protection Area of Alberta 

Alberta’s Forest Protection Area (FPA) covers approximately 60 per cent of the province’s landmass. The province is responsible for managing wildfires in this area. Wildfire protection
in Alberta is shared between Alberta Wildfire (inside the FPA) and the municipalities and
counties outside the FPA.

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Forest and Prairie Protection Act

If you’re responsible for starting a wildfire, you can be charged under the Forest and Prairie
Protection Act (FPPA), fined and held liable for all costs associated with fighting the wildfire.
All Alberta legislation, including the FPPA, can be found at the Queen’s Printer.
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Please have a safe and happy Canada Day.

Fireworks in Alberta