Online Survey Available For Livestock Producers

Image of Cow

Livestock producers throughout the Central Peace now have the opportunity to provide their input to the Emergency Large Animal Plan being developed through an online survey.

At the end of July, Saddle Hills County and the Central Peace announced they were in the beginning stages of developing an Emergency Large Animal Plan.

The plan will address Animals that are:

1.         Impacted or threatened by a disaster

2.         Involved in a transportation incident

3.         Potentially part of a disease outbreak

Bruno, from Trace Associate Inc., has been leading the effort to get some feedback regarding your operation in the County by phoning producers throughout the Central Peace. This week the online survey was launched.

You can participate by scanning the QR code below on your phone, by following the link to the Online Survey or downloading the pdf. If downloading and filling out the pdf, please scan and email your completed survey to or

QR Code image

Photo by Sarah Weiss.