Rural Potable Water Sign Up - 2022

Image of Water Drop

Council invites residents of Savanna, Ksituan, Woking and Bay Tree and Bonanza as identified in the maps below to sign up for rural potable water delivered to their residence through a pipeline. These areas have been selected as a logical sequence to the County’s existing rural water infrastructure.

If Council deems the responses from an area to represent sufficient public demand and the project meets the other criteria of Council’s policy, they may include a new water line expansion project to that area in their 2022 budget.

There is no financial contribution required at the time of sign up.

 Image of Rural Potable Water Sign Up Banner

Sign up for potential 2022 projects

Please let us know by Wednesday, June 30, 2021 if you are interested.

Fill out and submit a Rural Potable Water Servicing Agreement form.



Maps of the areas under consideration can be found below.

To view a full-sized pdf version of a map, simply clickl on the lionk below the map.

Savanna Area

 Savanna Area Water Map

View full pdf of map.

Woking Area

  Woking Area Water Map

View full pdf of map.

Bonanza, Bay Tree and Cotillion Areas

  Bonanza, Bay Tee, Cotillion Water Map

View full pdf of map.

Ksituan Area (County Complex Area)

  Ksituan Water Map

View full pdf of map.


If you have any questions please contact Darren by phone at 780-864-3760 or by email.