Saddle Hills County 2021 FCSS Grant Applications - Now Open!

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The County is now accepting applications for the 2021 FCSS Grant Program.

To be eligible for grant funds your program must do one or more of the following:

  i.            help people to develop independence, strengthen coping skills and become more resistant to crisis;

ii.            help people to develop an awareness of social needs;

iii.            help people to develop interpersonal and group skills;

iv.            help people and communities to assume responsibility for decisions and actions which affect them;

v.             provide supports that help sustain people as active participants in the community.

Programs not eligible are those that:

vi.            provide primarily for the recreational needs or leisure time pursuits of individuals;

vii.          are intended to sustain an individual or family, i.e., providing food, clothing or shelter;

viii.         are primarily rehabilitative in nature; or

ix.            duplicate services that are ordinarily provided by a government or government agency.

Click on the link for a grant application form or, if you have any questions, please email

Deadline to Submit: January 31, 2021