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Image of settler's cabin in the woods

We have been running a contest this summer on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) called 'Where Am I.' We run photos of spots throughout the County and give away County Swag to anyone who can huess where the photo was taken.

During the first week of July we deliberately ran a photo we were pretty sure would be very difficult for anyone to identify and we thought we were right until ... Lorraine Dolhan, who now lives in Blackfalds, Alberta and Elain Ditner Mastaler of Spirit River surprised us and got it right on the money.

The photo is of 'The Little Chapel' which is hidden in the woods behind the Ukrainian Baptist Church in Blueberry Mountain (Hwy 680 and Rge. Rd. 72). There is a sign on the building which explains:

"Bill Kuziew came to Canada from the Ukraine in June 1929. He, with some of help from the local people built the chapel on the property known as Gill. Later the chapel was moved to this location. Bill used this building as a church and also his home. He passed away March 10th 2000."

We've  posted some photos below.

 Little ChapelLittle Chapel












Little Chapel

Little Chapel

Little Chapel

Ukrainian Baptist Church