How To Use Our Website

Welcome to the Saddle Hills County Website! Whether you're a resident looking to pay taxes, a business looking to subdivide land, or a visitor looking for accommodations, we want to get you what you need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We have been using this version of our website since early 2020, and it is quite a bit different than our previous version. For that matter, it's a bit different than most websites.

Let us explain:

Most websites either expect you to find what you're looking for with no help at all, forcing you to dig through hundreds of pages, or they show you exactly what you want because they monitor your every move and know you better than your own mother does. Our website isn't either of these, thank goodness!

On our website, the search bar is key. Whatever you need to find, if you search for it, you'll find it.

While most website search bars just pull whichever page Google wants you to see without regard for context, our team have set the search bar up to pull results based on what real people are looking for. If you're looking for the Land Use Bylaw, our Planning Documents page will come to the top of the search results when you type “Land Use Bylaw,” because that's where it is! Our website was made by real humans, for real humans.

The search bar is key. Use it. Cherish it. LOVE IT.

You can also find words alphabetically using the alphabet bar below our search bar, or our A to Z Services Directory. The bar has all 26 letters, you just click the first letter of the word you're looking for and it will show you what we've got on the page. If you want to find something to do with fire, just click “F” and you'll find a link to “Fire.” It's just another way to help you find what you're looking for without having to scour our website like an old tome.

So that's great if you're looking for something in particular, but what if you're just looking around on the website to see what Saddle Hills has to offer? Thank you for asking!

Our website is sorted into four main categories:

Our Community is for everything you'll need to know about day-to-day life in Saddle Hills. If you're getting water, paying taxes, recycling, or looking to see if there's a fire ban, this is where it's at!

Explore and Play is where we have all our information on community and living here in the County. If you're a visitor looking for a general store and a place to camp, we've got you. If you're new in the area and looking for a church or community hall close to you, we've got that too!

Invest and Build is for all of our development, land use, and agricultural information is. If you're a rancher looking into how we can help with veterinary services, or if you want to parcel out some land for your new business, this is where to look to get started.

Our Government is pretty self-explanatory. If you're looking for Council Minutes and Agendas, Bylaws, Policies, and other documents that Council has published, you'll find it here before you find it in “Explore and Play.

If you are looking for any kind of notice, head over to our News Module. Click on "refine by Category," and select the type of notice you're looking for. Click "search," and all of our notices will pop right up!

Our News Module also has all of the County's news! Makes sense, right? You can sort all of our news and notices by category and date range, and you can search our news by keywords too!

Our website is also designed to be accessible to everybody! On any page, you can change the size of the text, print the page, or share the page by email or social media! Just use the grey icons in the top right corner of any page on the site!

Our hope is that this revamped website makes life easier and less stressful for our residents and visitors. If there is anything else we can do to help you, don't be afraid to contact our Communications Coordinator.