We are in the process of uploading all of our bylaws and policies to a new records management software system which is currently being rolled out. Once all of the policies have been uploaded you can find them here.

To enquire about a specific policy please email us .

In the meantime we have listed below some of our policies. Simply click on the policy and you will be able to view or download it.


AD06 Grant Program

AD14 Payments to Council, Committees and Board Members

AD16 Dress Code

AD25 Delegations

AD34 Bursary Program

AD40 Child Care Subsidy Program for SHC Residents

AD44 Volunteer Appreciation

AD52 Public Participation

AD56 At Large Member Eligibility for Boards and Committees

AD57 Facility Use by External Organizations

AS01 Appeals to Assessment Review Board



AG09 Roadside Seeding

AG12 Rental Equipment


Community Development

CD01 Home Support Services Program


Planning & Development

PD03 Planning & Development Forms

PD05 Wireless Communications Tower Policy

PD06 Dedication of Road Right-of-Way for Subdivisions

PD07 Development Agreements and Security


Protective Services

PS03 Volunteer Firefighter/Medical First Responder Reimbursement

PS04 Fire Apparatus Safety & Maintenance

PS05 Volunteer Firefighter/Medical First Responder Remuneration

PS06 Peace Officer - Code of Conduct


Public Works

PW01 Road Dust Control

PW03 Road Use Agreement

PW04 Road Ban

PW05 Hourly or Contract Equipment

PW10 Snowplowing Driveways

PW12 Fencing

PW14 Road Maintenance

PW15 Leasing, Licensing or Sale of County Road Allowances

PW20 Approach

PW24 Road Obstruction

PW25 Road Construction Request

PW29 Water Cistern Subsidy

PW32 Road Drainage


Environmental Services

UT01 Rural Potable Water Servicing