Director of Operations 

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Departmental Responsibilities:

Roads & Bridges
Facilities Grounds Maintenance
Aggregate Fleet Management
Surface Storm Drainage (Hamlet)
Surface Water Management (Roads)
Water Treatment Plants
Rural Water
Solid Waste
Waste Transfer Stations
Project Development


The Saddle Hills County Operations Department is responsible for the construction and maintenance of roads, bridge/culverts, drainage ditches, and technical services.

The County’s road network includes about 1,800 kilometers of gravel roads and 43 kilometers of paved roads. These roads are maintained in accordance with County policies and road standards. The County takes pride in the condition of our road network and the safe traveling corridor it provides.

The road network is outlined on the Land Ownership Map and is designed to complement the provincial road network.

For better monitoring of road maintenance activity, the County has installed a tracking system on mobile equipment. The County records various public works road maintenance projects in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The Global Positioning System (GPS) data and the application software of the GIS information system is used for management and maintenance planning.

Engineering Construction

The County reconstructs and maintains the bridges/culverts as prioritized by Alberta Transportation (AT) BIM system. The County's Technical Services Coordinator works with industry to coordinate the development of this sector within our community, by ensuring municipal standards are met. These relate to the development of pipeline crossings, access roads and approaches and the movement of large equipment. Through the use of road maintenance agreements, the County works with industry to facilitate their activities while minimizing the impact on our infrastructure.

To assist in understanding municipal requirements for the use of local roads by heavy equipment, please contact the Technical Services Coordinator for more additional information.

Maintenance Services

The Operations Department is responsible for the maintenance of more than 1800 km of road under the County's jurisdiction. In addition, the County maintains 14 designated drainage ditches to reduce the risk of flooding and the erosion of roads and land. To accomplish the year-round maintenance activities, Saddle Hills County owns and operates seven graders and contracts the services of two private graders (for remote beats).


Dust Control
County Facilities
Road Maintenance
Oilfield Development
Gravel Program
Road Allowances
Land Ownership Map

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