Saddle Hills County Council


Saddle Hills County Council 2017/2018

(Left to Right) Councillor Lawrence Andruchiw (Ward 6), Councillor Willis Fitzsimmons (Ward 5), Deputy Reeve Kristen Smith (Ward 3), Reeve Alvin Hubert (Ward 2), Councillor John Moen (Ward 7), Councillor Ken Titford (Ward 1), Councillor Ed Armagost (Ward 4).

Photo by Corry Heinricks

Alvin and Janet moved to Saddle Hills County in the early 1980s, establishing a grain farm  in the Cotillion area north of Bonanza.

Here, they raised four children and have enjoyed being part of a great community, having been involved with minor hockey, the Cotillion Rec Association, the Savanna and Bonanza fairs, and the local 4-H club over the years. 

These days grandkids have become pretty special and they enjoy spending time with them whenever they can.  

Alvin has been on council for the last ten years and appreciates your continued support. He looks forward to the upcoming term and hopes that together we can build a safe, strong, sustainable community.

Kristen Smith and her husband have built their own farmstead in Silver Valley, Alberta where they are raising their four children. Kristen was born and raised in Fourth Creek, Alberta on a cattle/grain operation.

Kristen and her husband have a cattle/grain small farming operation, and both work off the farm. She was previously employed at Saddle Hills County for 7 years working in Community Development and as an Assessor before resigning and becoming a councillor.

She believes in strong, active communities and has always enjoyed volunteering and being an active community member. Kristen hopes to use her municipal government experience and knowledge to proudly serve the residents of Ward 3 and the County as a whole.

My wife, Debbie, and I moved our family to the Blueberry Mountain area in 1976. Together with our son, Danny, and his family, we operate our family farm.

Our daughter, Glory-Dawn, works in the Oil and Gas Industry and lives in Peace River. She is engaged to Neil Griffin who works in the Pulp and Paper Industry. Her daughter, our first granddaughter, is a hair stylist in Grande Prairie.

Our son also works in the Oil and Gas Industry in Saddle Hills County. Our daughter in law, Rebecca, is actively involved with several organizations in the region. Three of their four children currently attend the Savanna school.

Saddle Hills County has been a great place to raise our family. We cherish the “country life “. Relatives and friends, living in the city’s hustle and bustle, are drawn to the nature, fresh air and wide open spaces. Family gatherings and celebrations have become something of a tradition “at the farm “.

Saddle Hills County and the surrounding region is a great place to live and work. We have the people and the resources it takes to develop and maintain an even stronger diverse economic environment while preserving the lifestyle we all enjoy. I am looking forward to contributing in the decisions and efforts that will be required.

I was born and raised in Spirit River. In 1973 I bought my farm in Happy Valley. In 1977 I married my wife Lori, a farm girl from Rycroft and we have two daughters and four granddaughters.

We started out grain farming as I worked on the oil rigs in the winter months for 19 years, then eventually staying home and raising cattle. I play hockey for both the 50+ and the Old Timers team and occasionally play with the Savanna team.

I served two terms as a director on the Peace Country Beef and Forage Association. I have served as the Happy Valley Fire Chief for the past 14 years and a member for more than 20 years. I previously served on the REA Board. I was also vice-president of the Happy Valley Surface Rights Association.

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Ken Titford

Councillor, Ward 1