Caregiver Workshops Coming This Spring

Caregiver Workshops Coming This Spring
Posted on 02/27/2018
A series of Caregiver COMPASS Workshops is planned for the County Complex in Saddle Hills County this spring. A Caregiver is someone who assists a family member or friend with challenges resulting from disability, illness or aging. COMPASS Caregiver Workshop topics include managing stress, preventing burnout, family dynamics, and navigating supports and services. Join other caregivers in a safe and supportive environment for eight sessions led by a trained facilitator.

LOCATION: Saddle Hills County Training Room
DATES: Mar 28, Apr 6, Apr 11, Apr 18, Apr 25, May 3, May 9, May 23, May 30
TIME: 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
TO REGISTER: Please call Ula Knelson at 780-864-3760