Chris & Melissa Sorenson Report On YFF Conference

Chris & Melissa Sorenson Report On YFF Conference
Posted on 03/28/2017

(Left to right) Councillors Willis Fitzsimmons and Lawrence Andruchiw, Chris Sorenson, Deputy Reeve Kristen Smith, Melissa Sorenson, Reeve Alvin Hubert, Councillors Cindy Clarke, John Moen and Ken Titford. Melissa is presenting Deputy Reeve Smith with the couple's Certificate of Appreciation.

Chris and Melissa Sorensen attended the Canadian Young Farm Family (YFF) conference in Ottawa on February 24-26th representing Saddle Hills County and the Province of Alberta.

The Cotillion area grain farmers were sponsored by the Saddle Hills County Agricultural Services Board (ASB) and reported to Council on Tuesday morning on just how their trip went. The couple, who farm peas, wheat, canola and more recently, oats, told Council they were interested in the large diversity of farming interests at the conference.

One of the most interesting aspects of the conference, according to the Sorenson’s involved virtual farm tours from a variety of producers from across the country including: potatoes, eggs, dairy products, hogs, chickens and maple syrup.

Chris spoke about meeting a canola farmer from Newfoundland where they are trying to introduce the crop as a feed crop for livestock.

Melissa spoke about the large number of farms which are diversifying into a variety of different income streams including agri-tourism.

The couple told Council they were very appreciative of the opportunity provided by the ASB and encouraged fellow young farmers to get involved in the Canadian Young Farm Families (CYFF).

The Sorensons told Council that farmers from across the country were impressed with Saddle Hills County for sponsoring their trip and said they had found the trip very informative and useful.

The couple thanked MP Chris Warkentin who met them during their visit and gave them a tour of the Parliament buildings.

Part of the requirements for the trip was for the family selected to be:

  • Working on, or have a Succession Plan
  • Preparing for expansion
  • Have or want an Environmental Farm Plan
  • Have operators between the ages of 18 and 40

Saddle Hills County’s ASB plans to continue sponsoring young farm families to attend the annual conference on an every-other-year basis.


(Left to right) The ASB's Vice Chair, Conrad Dolen, Chris and Melissa Sorenson, Chair of the ASB Edward Armagost and ASB member Candace Dolen.

Sorenson & Elaine Armagost
(Left to right) Chris and Melissa Soresnson meet with Manager of Rural Development, Elaine Armagost, before their presentation to Council Tuesday.