Council Celebrates Volunteers

Council Celebrates Volunteers
Posted on 08/04/2017
Reeve Alvin Hubert congratulates Mary Knoblauch for her contributions to Saddle Hills County.

Saddle Hills County Council celebrated volunteerism in the County at its annual Volunteer Appreciation BBQ at Moonshine Lake Provincial Park Thursday.

Reeve Alvin HubertA large number of residents braved the sometimes torrential rains to help honour those who, according to Reeve Alvin Hubert, "Help make Saddle Hills County such a great place to live."

Reeve Hubert spoke of the spirit of volunteerism present in everyday life and activities throughout the County which may go unrecognized but nonetheless make community life great in the County.

In addition to over 30 community volunteers, Reeve Hubert and Council honoured 16 volunteer firefighters from across the County for their years of service.

Reeve Hubert and Councillors honoured the following community volunteers.


2017 Volunteer Recognition Award Nominees


Lynne Moxness

Lynne has been an active member of the Gordondale community for years and continues to volunteer as a director of the Gordondale Community Club. On top of her volunteer duties on the board, Lynne helps out at community events and supports annual functions.

Sherrill Day

Sherrill has been a volunteer for many years and helps out whenever she is needed. She not only attends the bi-monthly meetings of the Gordondale Community Club, she helps take care of the cemetery and is treasurer of the club.

Sherrill volunteers at most of our events and helps keep the hall clean and in good working order.

Lisa Hehr

Lisa is a great community member who always lends a hand whether for the school, the Ag society, and hockey or wherever she is needed. Lisa is a Leader in the Savanna 4H Sheep Club, a member of the Savanna Ag Society and school council and she is always available to help with minor hockey. Because of people like Lisa, community organizations are able to continue and thrive.

Marcia Day

Marcia volunteers her time to help at community functions and has been on the executive of the Gordondale Community Club for many years. Playing an active role in pre-school events she is currently secretary of the club and helped out at the last Casino

Brandy Desmet

Brandy plays a huge part in the Savanna 4H Club as a Beef Leader and has coached girls’ volleyball at the school for years. It’s because of people like Brandy that programs like youth sports and the 4H program exist and do well. She is very committed to her community and a great role model.

Trish Goodheart

Trish is new to the community but has become actively involved and always helps out at events and meetings. She is currently Vice President of the Gordondale Community Club and her family helps out with all functions at the hall including the new Family Fun Baseball Nights which they have organized.

Brenda Day

Brenda helps at all community events in Gordondale as well as hall cleanups and is always willing to help out at casinos and other community events. A great member of the community.

Ken Dolen

Ken is the first person to jump in and lend a hand – many times without even being asked. A fun-loving guy with a great personality, he is a Co-Leader in Savanna 4H Beef, a member of the Fire Department and the Ag Society as well as minor hockey and the Fourth Creek Community Club. He has helped with suppers, auctions, fairs and whatever community events require his assistance.

Kehnan Goodheart

Kehnan is a young man with a vision. He wanted to play baseball so he went out and made it happen. Kehnan now organizes baseball for the whole community of Gordondale every second Tuesday night.

Kehnan is always willing to help at community events and pitches in by washing floors, taking out the garbage and has helped place the sand in the playground.

Meagan Lundquist

Meagan is always volunteering her time and supporting others in the community. She never says No and we could not ask for a better community member. Meagan is President of the Bonanza Ag Society and works full time at ATB Rycroft where she also volunteers endless hours to community events throughout the area. She helps with Ag Society functions and community events and she brings a friendly face to everyone she encounters.

Sharon Potratz

Sharon volunteers her time to help at community events and also donates items from her greenhouse for the Gordondale Community Club’s auctions and prizes. She organizes the annual Tractor Pull and is a Director on the Club’s board. She helps out whenever she is needed.

Kim Desjardine

Kim volunteers at community events and has been organizing the Paint Nights held at the Gordondale Community Hall. She helps with Movie Nights and is an active member of the Board of Gordondale Community Club.

Themis Hampton

Themis volunteered many, many hours towards the new hall project for the Blueberry Mountain Goodwill Society. The project would simply not have succeeded if it were not for her enthusiasm and perseverance.

As a member of the board of the Blueberry Mountain Goodwill Society she devoted her time to the planning and application process and was instrumental in fundraising efforts towards the project and worked with the general contractor to ensure completion of the project.

A great member of the Blueberry Mountain Community.

Carla Day

Carla helps put on many events in Gordondale and is very active with the community club. She volunteers at the Pleasantview Lodge in Spirit River and is always looking for ways to better her community.

She is President of the Gordondale Community Club and tirelessly devotes herself to everything from cleaning and upkeep of the hall, and grounds and is the essential link in organizing all events and communicating with members of the club and the community.

Central Peace Early Childhood Coalition Board

The organization advocates for the needs of children from 0 - 6 years who live in the Central Peace. More specifically, CPECC works throughout the region to bring awareness and understanding of the data collected around early childhood development of our children, as well as to promote research-based information on development, and work to coordinate services and programming that enhance development and opportunities in our children.

Although the organization does have an employee, much of the work that is done is only possible with the additional significant contributions by the volunteers.

Kelsey Day

Kelsey is a young person who shows great determination to be a part of her community. She holds movie nights every month for the children of Gordondale. She has organized arts and crafts nights and many other functions. An active member of the Gordondale Community Club she also volunteers at Pleasantview Lodge in Spirit River.

Gerard van Rootselaar

If you asked Gerard if he considered himself a volunteer, he'd say “No, I’m just helping a neighbour,” but he is definitely a volunteer. He is always willing to offer a helping hand whenever asked, including by any of the three volunteer organizations in the Hamlet of Woking, whether through physical labour or by sharing his knowledge in construction and engineering.

A few examples of his contributions would have to include the repair work and setting up and installation of new equipment at the Community Hall for the Woking Willing Workers.

He has also been a Godsend for Communities in Bloom. Every week, he uses his own vehicle to haul the trailer and tank filled with water to tend to all the flowers planted by the Communities in Bloom throughout the hamlet. He also adopted one of the vacant lots in the hamlet where he regularly keeps the grass cut and removes winter debris.

Mary Knoblauch

Mary is very passionate about the people in her life and where she lives. She believes strongly in doing whatever she can to help her neighbours and community thrive. She is one of the first to jump in and help with literally anything, so the services she provides are endless. It’s safe to say that Mary is the heart of Woking.

Mary has been the main driving force behind the Woking Communities in Bloom since the beginning. She is very committed to her church, St. John’s Lutheran Church of Northmark, and a long standing member of the Woking Willing Workers where she has worked tirelessly for the community and the hall. As a member of the Woking Skating Rink Association she assists with fundraisers, the Annual Highway Cleanup with both preparing the lunch and out there in the ditches picking up garbage every school year.

Mary assists the Woking School with their school lunches on Thursdays and is a volunteer for the Central Peace Emergency Social Services and the Ladies Auxiliary. She is also a Goodwill Quilter, a group of women who put together beautiful quilts and donate a vast majority of them to many different places, including the women’s shelter, Fort Mac Fires, families in need and Grande Prairie Friendship Centre.

She is an inspiring woman and any organization or community that she gets involved with is very fortunate to have her.

Central Peace Health and Wellness Coalition (CPHAWC)

Central Peace Health and Wellness Coalition (CPHAWC) wishes to recognize a number of Saddle Hills County and area residents for their efforts in helping to create an active, healthy and engaged community.

  • Judy Brown

  • Cindy Howard

  • Rebecca Fitzsimmons

  • Darlene Knezevish

  • Margaret Kosabeck

  • Helen Lazoruk

  • Cesia Romero

  • Laurie Shofner

  • Denise Skoworodko

  • Brenda Stanich

  • Darryl Triebner

  • Linda Weichs

  • Carrie Yanishewski

Central Peace Health and Wellness Coalition (CPHAWC) works collaboratively to create an active, healthy and engaged community throughout the Central Peace.

Without the strong commitment of these volunteers, their job would be impossible.

Carrie Yanishewski

Besides helping seniors in Fourth Creek, Carrie now helps seniors in Spirit River through her classes on behalf of the Fourth Creek Fitness Group. Four days a week she provides seniors with a variety of low-impact strength training, balance exercises and other activities which help keep them healthy and active.

Fire Department and MCR’s

Five Years

  • Greg Bolch

  • Brent Konstapel

  • Caleb Mandel

  • Stephen Murray

  • Stephan Thomi

  • Jordan Toews

  • Vincent Toews

  • Chris Yuha

15 Years

  • Dwayne Drzewicki

  • Greg Simonson

20 Years

  • Chris Hehr

  • Shawn Shura

25 Years

  • Larry Schuett

30 Years

  • Lance Boomgaarden

  • Jim Lillico


Photos from 2017 Volunteer Appreciation BBQ

Ron Pelensky and Joulia Whittleton


Councillor Smith


The Cooks

TransCanada Pipeline


Community Volunteers Recognized 

Cheryl Day

Volunteer BBQ

Volunteer BBQ

Volunteer BBQ

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Volunteer BBQ

Volunteer Firefighters Recognized

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