Farm Energy Agri-Processing (FEAP) Program Open

Farm Energy Agri-Processing (FEAP) Program Open
Posted on 02/14/2018

The Farm Energy and Agri-Processing Program (FEAP) is a combination of two discontinued GF2 programs:

  • On-Farm Energy Management Program
  • Accelerating Agricultural Innovation Program (Stream C)

By combining these two programs, a single program can be offered across the whole agricultural value-chain, for energy efficiency and energy management projects.

Program Description:

The Farm Energy and Agri-Processing Program shares costs with the agriculture and agri-processing sector on energy efficiency investments.  The Program is designed to encourage energy management which will result in cost savings, energy conservation, and ultimately, reduced greenhouse gas emissions. 

The Program offers financial support, subject to financial constraint, to Applicants who incorporate high efficiency equipment that is identified in the applicable Funding List in their construction and/or retrofitting projects.

Key Messages:

  • This program is RETROACTIVE to April 2016.
  • Applicants with eligible receipts dated April 2016 and later can apply.
  • Retroactive projects are subject to current eligibility criteria.
    • 50% cost share on most items. See Funding List for full details.
    • $250,000 maximum grant per Applicant per year
    • Funding Timeline is from now to Feb 2020
    • An EFP is NOT a prerequisite for this funding
    • Applications will be processed in a first complete, first served basis.
  • Incomplete applications will not secure a spot in line.
    • Once applications have been approved, producers can watch for emails from the grant management system: "" They will get notifications from this email address as their application moves through the steps.


For More Information:


Visit for:

  • Application forms
  • Producer Funding List
  • Processor Funding List
  • Program Terms and Conditions


The On-Farm Solar PV Program


The program is being discontinued under GF2. It will now be a provincial program, located on Ropin’ The Web.

The URL is: