New Stocked Fish Pond Near Ksituan Will Be Open In 2018

New Stocked Fish Pond Near Ksituan Will Be Open In 2018
Posted on 01/17/2018

In 2011, the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) acquired the big parcel of land (now known as the Shell True North Forest conservation site) with financial support from Shell plus hunters and anglers of the Province. 

Paul Hvenegaard, Regional Manager for the ACA says, “We soon realized that the pond on the property (south of the Ksituan River, on the west side of Hwy 49) had good potential for development into a stocked trout pond. 

After a few years of preliminary assessments and acquiring stocking permits, it was stocked with 640 brook trout in the spring of 2017 and Hvenegaard says stocking will continue on an annual basis going forward, most likely with brook trout. 

Entire Property Open to the Public

“Currently we operate the fishery on a “Put and Take” basis, with no real intent on overwintering the fish.  This gives local anglers rather diverse angling opportunities now with tiger and rainbow trout in Moonshine Lake plus brook trout in the Shell True North Forest pond,” says Hvenegaard. 


FishThe pond and the entire property are open to the public for hunting, angling and other recreational pursuits, with the exception of motorized traffic.  This summer, the ACA plan to install a couple of garbage receptacles, picnic tables and place large boulders to manage traffic at the site.  In addition, some floating docks will be installed to provide better access for fishing.

Residents and travelers will be able to make use of the day use area at the pond for picnics, fishing or simply as a nice relaxing spot to unwind.

Community and School Groups Welcome

The ACA describes its work in the following manner:  “We conserve fish, wildlife and the habitats they depend on.”

Hvenegaard says the organization will be offering a “Kids Can Catch” program in 2018.

It’s a great way to celebrate the angling opportunity and get some kids outside and introduce them to fishing.  At ACA, we have access to a variety of resources to make it an enjoyable day for the kids.  It could be an event open to the public in general or it could be in association with a school group or a program at the schools,” says Hvenegaard, adding, “Over the course of any given year, there can be 20+ of these events, and I think it would be great to see a few up north here.” 

Kids Can Catch



Shell True North Forest

Site Details

This approximately 1,700-acre site is located in northwestern Alberta near Moonshine Lake Provincial Park. The small town of Spirit River lies 30 km to the east, and Grande Prairie lies 80 km to the south. The Ksituan River flows across the site in a west to east direction; the associated riparian area is relatively unaltered by human activity. With the exception of the Ksituan River valley, the topography is undulating to gently rolling, with a mixture of forested and agricultural areas. A historic homestead is located in NW-14, consisting of one main building, two smaller out buildings, and several pieces of old farm machinery. High densities of ungulates occur in this area, including moose, elk, and white-tailed and mule deer. Black bears, coyotes, and snowshoe hares also occur here. The former landowners are allowed to hay and graze the site.The pond on SW-10 is stocked annually with brook trout. Permission is not required to access the pond for fishing.


Day use only. No open fires. Foot access only. The 15 acre subdivision in SW 15 is excluded from all recreational activities.


Alberta Conservation Association, Shell Energy Canada

*From the ACA's Alberta Discover Guide

Fish Pond Location

Shell True North Pond – Enhanced Fish Stocking

Site Details

This pond is located about 100 km north of Grande Prairie near Moonshine Lake Provincial Park. It is situated in the Shell True North Forest Conservation Site. To access this pond from the town of Spirit River, travel west on Highway 49 for about 30 km. At Twp Rd 791 continue to travel north on Highway 49 for approximately 400 m, then turn west into the approach and then immediately north to the pond. Parking is available along the eastern shore of the waterbody. ACA annually stocks this 0.8-ha pond with brook trout. Permission is not required to access the pond for fishing; however, permission is required from ACA to access the rest of this conservation site. Please refer to the site description for Shell True North Forest for more details.


Day use only. No open fires. Foot access only.


Alberta Conservation Association, Shell Canada Energy

**From the ACA's Alberta Discover Guide



About the Alberta Conservation Association

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