Reeve Hubert Speaks At Health Center Opening

Reeve Hubert Speaks At Health Center Opening
Posted on 08/14/2017
Reeve Hubert spoke at the grand opening of the new Central Peace Health Center on Saturday afternoon.

His remarks were greeted with applause and helped set the tone for the event which celebrated the very unique municipal partnership - the G5 group of municipalities - which enabled the construction of the new Health Center.

Reeve Hubert stressed the importance of rural municipalities working together on projects of mutual importance and he spoke of the significance of quality medical services in rural communities.

He thanked the five municipalities, the current practitioners, the staff at the current clinic and the many volunteers and community members who have donated of their time and expertise to make the project happen.

Reeve Hubert's Remarks

"When it comes to working together to get something done in the Central Peace I think we can all be proud of the result.

The citizens of Birch Hills County, the Village of Rycroft, the M.D. of Spirit River, The Town of Spirit River and Saddle Hills County entrusted us, their elected officials, to invest their money wisely on their behalf and on behalf of future generations. And this is the result.

We are blessed with our own hospital here in Spirit River, and we’ve had a medical clinic which has outlived its usefulness. The five communities of the G5 felt that the provision of medical services in the Central Peace was paramount.

When we reached that crossroads, some pretty visionary people felt that retaining and attracting quality practitioners in medicine, dentistry and public health was a crucial regional goal which none of us could accomplish on our own and that a new, state-of-the art facility that would serve coming generations was needed.

The provincial government was of critical importance in helping us get off the ground by providing the grant money to perform the necessary feasibility study which launched the idea. And we are thankful for that assistance. Without it, we may never have got started.

But this project has been the result of determination, commitment, and hard work by local municipalities and, above all, a willingness to work together and be good neighbours in order to achieve a common goal.

Our current practitioners, health care professionals and staff have been instrumental in ensuring that this project would not only serve the very best interests of our citizens but that it could help us to attract and retain top quality professionals who will ensure the very best care for our residents.

There are too many people to thank: from the public officials and staff who have worked long and hard to make sure we got to where we are today, to the people who have quietly given of their time and talent to helping along the way … this has been a people project driven by a committed group of residents and individuals who believe in a bright future for the Central Peace Region.

I believe we have achieved a great milestone with this project which will serve our five communities for generations. I also believe we have proven something very important and that is that with goodwill and dedication we can accomplish great things together. More than bricks and mortar, this building represents an example for future generations that collaboration between municipal neighbours is the most productive way to create a better future for our region.."

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