Saddle Hills County Road Report

Saddle Hills County Road Report
Posted on 11/16/2017

The County’s Operations Department has produced a map of roads snowplowed since the snowstorm which began on Tuesday, November 14.

The Gundy and East Doe Areas were plowed at least once as well. Circled in blue on the map, are areas that still needed to be done as of 1:00pm Thursday. By the end of Thursday or early Friday morning, all the roads should have been plowed at least once since Tuesday.

At that point, the graders will start plowing the roads that were done earlier in the week, as snow has built up on some of them.

The highway plows went out at 6:00am Thursday and completed pavement plowing by 11:00 am. There has been minimal snowfall and drifting since then. The highway plows will go out again Friday morning if necessary.

Some community hall facilities have already been plowed, and the remainder will be done Friday to have them ready for weekend events.

Please drive carefully. We will update road conditions if and when they change.

- Map of Roads Plowed (pdf)