Shell Stocked Fish Pond Maintenance Opportunity

Shell Stocked Fish Pond Maintenance Opportunity
Posted on 03/09/2018

A temporary paid opportunity exists for a local contractor provide grounds maintenance for the new fish pond at the Shell True North Forest conservation site, 2.5 km east of the County office.


Time(s) of Year

- April 1 – April 30: bi-weekly site visits

- May 1 – October 31: weekly site visits

- November to end of March: bi-weekly site visits (negotiable, based on usage observed at the site)

Contractor Activities

1. The contractor will supply garbage/recycling bags and dispose of garbage/recycling. The contractor will provide equipment and labor to cut and remove grass as required.

2. The contractor will also monitor, identify any hazards or vandalism at the fishery access site observed during a site visit and report them immediately to the Contract/Project Supervisor.

Approximate value of the contract - around $3,000.00*

*provisions for extra payment if additional visits to the site are required or extra work needs to be done.


Jon Van Dijk

Alberta Conservation Association

Cell: (780) 618-3550

For a description of the project simply click here.