Silver Valley TELUS Tower Service Level Inquiry

Silver Valley TELUS Tower Service Level Inquiry
Posted on 01/15/2018

The new Silver Valley TELUS Tower became operational on December 15, 2017.  TELUS is interested in obtaining feedback from Saddle Hills County residents about your recent experiences regarding service levels. 

This will aid them in testing the equipment on the tower and ensuring that it is functioning to its maximum potential.


The County has offered to collect feedback from our residents regarding service levels and forward it to TELUS. 

If you are within proximity of this new tower and have encountered service level issues, please email with your legal land description (or the nearest land description where the issue occurred) along with the details about your experience (e.g. intermittent or consistent low service levels, dropped calls, etc.).  Please include in the Subject field:  Silver Valley TELUS Tower.


Your feedback is an important aspect to ensure that TELUS can provide the maximum service levels to the largest number of County residents. The County appreciates your ongoing support with our TELUS partnership.