Volunteers Honoured At BBQ August 23

Volunteers Honoured At BBQ August 23
Posted on 08/29/2018

Volunteers from across Saddle Hills County enjoyed dinner served by the Albert family and their team at the North day use area at Moonshine Lake Provincial Park August 23rd.

Reeve Alvin Hubert presented certificates and the newly minted 2018 Volunteer Appreciation Coins. The evening concluded with drawing for door prizes. Continuing their recognition of volunteers in the County, TransCanada donated a BBQ grill as the final door prize draw.

Thanks to all for joining in the celebration despite the light rain!

Cover Photo:  Councillor Ed Armagost (left) is helped by Ayden Young who made the draw for the first door prize (a camping table) as Saddle Hills County CAO Joulia Whittleton looks on.

BBQ Winner

(Left to Right) Councillor John Moen, Jennifer St. George and Cole Thompson, from TransCanada, Councillor  Lawrence Andruchiw, Councillor Ed Armagost (rear) Councillor Willis Fitzsimmons, winner of the BBQ from TransCanada, Harli Buck, Reeve Alvin Hubert. Aiden Young is seen in front of Reeve Hubert.

Volunteers Recognized in 2018

Mary Knoblauch

As a lead member of the Woking Communities in Bloom, Mary has been a major driving force behind the development of the new Day Use Park in Woking.  She also volunteers her time in so many different aspects of life in and around Woking, including all the work she does at St. John’s Lutheran Church of Northmark, Goodwill Quilters, Woking Skating Rink Association and Woking School.  She is a longtime member of the Central Peace Health Complex Auxiliary.  She also never hesitates to lend a helping hand for a friend or neighbor.  What makes Mary most worthy is that everything she does is done without expectation of receiving anything in return.  She doesn’t view herself as someone who warrants any praise.  Mary is indeed a very special person in our community and for this she deserves our recognition.  

Goodwill Quilters

Gitte Bulhofner; Karen Egge; Diane Gades; Jean Grills; Faye Kary; Inger Knoblauch; Mary Knoblauch; Shirley Meyaard; Kathy Meyer; Sigrid Muehrer; Joyce Oltmanns; Grace Sadownik; Lorena Thomi; Shirley Wurm

The Goodwill Quilters consist of these amazing volunteers who spend hours upon hours making quilts to be donated to various groups or individuals in need of assistance.  Some of the groups who receive these quilts include the John Howard Society, Crossroads Women’s Shelter, Spirit River FCSS Christmas Hamper Program, Red Cross and any other people in the area that the quilters know need help.  Last winter these volunteers made over 115 quilts for donation.

Gerald Oltmanns

Gerald volunteers many hours for the Woking Outdoor Skating Rink, maintaining the rink so that the rink is available to the Woking School students during school hours and to the children who use it after school hours.  Gerald is always one of the first on hand to provide support to the rink and to the Westmark Community Hall.  Gerald is a reliable volunteer who gives freely his time to his community.

Garry & Shirley Wurm

Garry is instrumental in keeping the Woking Outdoor Skating rink maintained for the students and spends countless hours flooding the rink, snow clearing and any maintenance that is required.

Garry and Shirley volunteer many hours to the church, Woking Communities in Bloom Committee and the Woking Skating Rink Association.  Truly a very dependable and giving couple!

Westmark Farmer’s League

Karen & Alphonse Compagnon; Benny Compagnon; Shane & Terry Doble; Maureen Hoffart; Lynne & Mickey Muehrer; Gerald & Joyce Oltmanns; Kevin & Nicki Oltmanns.

The Westmark Hall wouldn’t be what it is today without this team of volunteers!  Over the past 4 years these volunteers have planned fundraising activities and actively worked on the renovation of the hall.  This team is part of a strong, revitalized society.  They organize many events within the community and strive to keep the community strong and maintain the history of the Westmark Hall as a gathering place for everyone.

Patty Rolinger and Denise van Rootselaar

Patty and Denise deserve recognition for all the hours they spent compiling all the information for the Woking Profile Book to be submitted to the Provincial Communities in Bloom Evaluation program this year. 

Patty spent many hours researching the history of the community and Denise toured the area for just the right photos and documented points of interest to showcase the community.

Woking Communities in Bloom

Mary Knoblauch; Patty Rolinger; Denise van Rootselaar; and Shirley & Gary Wurm

The Hamlet of Woking is a prettier place thanks to this group of volunteers.  The hamlet now has a beautiful park for everyone to enjoy and all the beautiful flowers and the revitalized sign are evidence of all the hard work this team puts in every year.  Beautification of the hamlet involves many hours of volunteerism and team work to make the project come to life. 

Gordondale Community Club

Brenda & Tye Day; Carla Day; Gerry Day; Kelsey Day; Sherill Day; Kim Desjardine; Halvor Moxness; Sharon Potratz

The Gordondale Community Club is made up of these volunteers who volunteer countless hours to organize community events; maintain the hall, grounds and cemetery.  This team strives to keep the community beautiful and engage all residents in community involvement.

Lyla Yanishewski

Lyla is a huge part of Savanna Creations and the Fourth Creek Community Association.  Lyla has enabled the club to obtain a long arm quilting machine and has taught the members how to use it.  Lyla spends countless hours volunteering for the Community Kitchen program; she helps with the Seniors lunch in the winter; she is part of the design team for the Fourth Creek Hall and is also a volunteer for the Victims Assistance program.  Lyla plays a huge role in our community and deserves recognition for it. 

Evelyn Lewchuk

Evelyn has been a full-time volunteer at the Spirit River Museum for almost 25 years!  Both her and her late husband, George, dedicated their lives to the museum.  The Spirit River museum serves the entire region and provides a way to protect and share the history and culture of our community.  Evelyn maintains all aspects of the museum grounds, fundraising, tours, maintenance and the acquisitioning and accessioning of the objects kept at the museum.