Land Use Planning

Saddle Hills County has a Planning and Information Systems Department and an Economic Development Department.

Planning and Information Systems

The Saddle Hills County  Planning and Information Systems Department is responsible for ensuring the orderly, responsible and sustainable development and use of land within Saddle Hills County. The planning function is governed by provincial legislation as well as by municipal bylaws and policies. 

The Planning 
and Information Services
 Department’s role includes the processing of applications for development, subdivision and rezoning; providing certificates of compliance; creating and updating planning documents, preparing reports to council and boards, as well as other land use and planning related matters.

Area Structure Plans

Land Use Bylaw
Municipal Development Plan
Rezoning & Land Use Amendment
Rural Addressing
Safety Codes
Subdivision Process
Development Process & Forms

Economic Development

The Saddle Hills County  Economic Development Department is responsible for facilitating and promoting economic development in order to support healthy communities, economic diversification and population growth.

In support of community and economic development, Saddle Hills County Council has set up the Community Development Advisory Board in order to:

  1. Establish an organizational strategy for community and economic development that is integrated with Council’s strategic plan

  2. Develop an environment for planning community and economic development within Saddle Hills County and the surrounding area

  3. Provide community input

Childcare Subsidy Program