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2023 Members-at-Large Needed for Boards & Committees

Saddle Hills County is looking for members-at-large for the following boards and committees:

Agricultural Appeal Committee (2 Positions Available)

The Agricultural Appeal Committee sits on an as needed basis, to assist neighbouring municipalities should a producer appeal enforcement actions taken for weed and/or pest control.

Agricultural Services Board (2 Positions Available)

The Agricultural Services Board (ASB) advises Council on how best to serve our rural agricultural community, including implementing innovative and sustainable agricultural policy and programs. The ASB also oversees inspections and research, including collaborations with organizations such as the Peace Country Beef and Forage Association as well as Provincial programs. ASB members also attend tours and educational conferences to stay informed on the industry and advancements.

Saddle Hills County Municipal Library Board (4 Positions Available)

The Saddle Hills County Municipal Library Board manages and regulates the County's three libraries (Bonanza, Savanna, and Woking) by implementing policies, managing financial needs and goals, and the selection of library materials, supplies, and equipment.

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (5 Positions Available)

The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board hear appeals related to Subdivisions and Developments in the County. The Board decides upon appeals of development permits and stop-orders issued by the development authority and the appeals of a notice of decision for subdivision issued by the subdivision approving authority. The Board sits as required when appeals are referred to them by the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Clerk.

Those interested in applying to serve on any of the above mentioned boards and committees should complete a Member-at-Large form before October 16, 2023.

Forms are available on our website here: Member-at-Large Form, or through the County office.

If you have any questions regarding applications, please contact Justine Yanishewski, Legislative Coordinator, at (780) 864-3760 or email

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