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Alberta Crop Report as of September 26, 2023

Crop Report, provided by the Government of Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation, as of September 26, 2023:

Harvest continued across the province during the last week with limited disruptions. Harvest progress of major crops is reported at 79 per cent complete across the province, a 14 per cent increase since the last report. Harvest is reported as mostly complete in the South region, as well as in some areas of the Central region. The harvest of spring cereals is reported as nearing completion with reports indicating spring wheat at 89 per cent, barley at 91 per cent and oats at 73 per cent. While reports suggest that cooler evening temperatures may be slowing canola maturation in some areas, canola harvest advanced 23 per cent this week to 62 per cent harvested. An additional 23 per cent of the provincial canola crop is reported as drying in the swath. 

Image of Moisture Map of Alberta and Tables
While the seasonal trend toward cooler and drier weather is assisting harvest, it has also continued to impact soil moisture reserves over the last week with an overall decrease of three per cent in the provincial good-to-excellent surface moisture ratings and a two per cent decrease in the provincial sub-surface soil moisture ratings when compared to the last report. The percentage of surface soil moisture rated good-to-excellent (sub-surface in brackets) for the province this week is 30 per cent (31 per cent). Regional good-to-excellent surface soil moisture ratings this week are six per cent (seven per cent) in the South, 18 per cent (19 per cent) for Central, 47 per cent (45 per cent) for the North East, 71 per cent (73 per cent) for the North West and 62 per cent (63 per cent) for the Peace.  

The seasonal shift to cooler and drier weather continues to impact pasture growth as most regions reported decreased percentages of pasture rated as good-to-excellent compared to last week, with the Peace region being the notable exception. The regional percentage of pasture rated as good-to-excellent (change from last week in brackets) is 19 per cent (down one per cent) for the province. Regional reporting of good-to-excellent pasture is at five per cent (down one per cent) for the South, 16 per cent (down less than one per cent) for Central, 29 per cent (down three per cent) for the North East, 37 per cent (down one per cent) for the North West and 52 per cent (up one per cent) for the Peace. 

Region Five: Peace (Fairview, Falher, Grande Prairie, Valleyview)

  • Reports indicate that despite a rainfall over the weekend causing delays, harvest continued through most of the week.
  • Canola in the swath is reported as at 12 per cent.
  • Sub-surface (below 6”) soil moisture is reported as 10 per cent poor, 27 per cent fair, 33 per cent good, 30 per cent excellent and none rated excessive. 

To read the full report on all regions head to their website:

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