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Be Prepared: Water Shortages

As we've seen recently in Calgary and surrounding areas, water shortages can happen at any time and last for varying durations. Learn what you can do to prepare for a water shortage in your area.

  • If you have received notice of a shortage and don’t have supplies gathered in preparation, head to your local store to get what you need, including purified water and food items that don’t require water to cook.
  • Stay informed by monitoring your trusted communication sources for updates and restrictions in your area. Check 211 Alberta if you need help finding those resources.   
  • Store water for emergencies in an FDA/Health Canada regulated food-grade storage container, if possible. Otherwise, use an unbreakable container with a tight-fitting lid and narrow opening for pouring.
  • Practice water conservation — take shorter showers of 5 minutes or less, turn water off while soaping hands, scrubbing dishes, or brushing teeth, plant drought tolerant plants, etc.

Practicing water conservation throughout the year is never a bad idea, especially in areas affected by long periods of drought where the threat of water shortage is more prevalent.

If you’re affected by a water shortage, or wish to have resources to prepare for one, download this BePrepared PDF to know what to do when water supply is affected.

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