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Be Prepared: Water Shortages

Water shortages can happen for a number of reasons, including drought, planned utility repairs and maintenance, or damage. 

Water shortages can last days, or even longer, and can affect a single property, a building, a community, or an entire region. Be Prepared when an unexpected water shortage occurs with these simple tips:

  • Store bottled water for drinking, cooking, and hygiene (4 liters per person, per day).
  • Create a contact list that includes your water service provider and emergency plumbers.
  • Draw a map of your property’s main water line, add all fixtures and appliances with independent water valves, and include instructions on how to turn them on and off.
  • Make an emergency cookbook with recipes that don’t require water.

There are also day to day measures you can take that will help you conserve water in the long run and have more for those instances when an unexpected outage strikes you dry.

  • Take shorter (5 minutes) showers.
  • Fix leaks, including leaky faucets and toilets, and outdoor pipes and hoses.
  • Fill the sink instead of letting the water run when washing dishes.
  • Keep a jug of cool water in the fridge instead of running the tap.
  • Use dishwashers and washings will full loads. 
  • Water your lawn no more than necessary.
  • Collect and reuse water for outdoor plant use (such as in a rain barrel)
  • Use a water-saving pool filter.
  • Clean outside with a broom instead of a hose.
  • Plant drought tolerant vegetation.

Every little helps and being aware of your situation and taking preventative measures can ensure that you have enough water and resources in the event of a shortage. 

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