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County Honours Volunteers

Image of STARS ambulance helicopter

STARS Air Ambulance was on site to help with the celebrations.

Saddle Hills County held a special celebration on Thursday, August 25, 2020  at the Moonshine Lake day use area to honour the County’s volunteers.

The Volunteer Appreciation BBQ was organized in order to recognize the contributions of volunteers who were nominated by County residents as well as volunteer firefighters and first responders who have reached milestones in their careers.

BBQ attendees

Residents from all over the County came out to honour the 2022 volunteers.

The six residents who were honoured were: Theresa Akeroyd, Valerie Bates, Gerd Cramer, Carla Day, Patricia Maxwell and Kayla Robinson. Each winner received a gift which included a County cooler bag, a BBQ set and a set of knives together together with a special certificate commemorating their service.

Central Peace Gas Co-op logo

Central Peace Gas Co-op kindly donated a 40,000 BTU stainless steel Dual-Tube Broil King Propane BBQ as a door prize which was won by Russell Radke.

STARS Air Ambulance

STARS Air Ambulance was also on hand offering guided tours of their rescue helicopter.


Community Volunteers

Theresa Akeroyd, and Kayla Robinson

Image of Theresa Akeroyd and Kayla Robinson

Theresa Akeroyd, and Kayla Robinson receiving their awards from Deputy Reeve Danny Roy

Fourth Creek and Silver Valley areas

Nominated by: Daniela Dolen

Theresa and Kayla put on two big events in Fourth Creek and Silver Valley that bring the whole county together:

• Edna's Christmas in the Valley, and the annual

• Easter Egg Hunt

They both have leadership and creativity skills which they share with others in the community.

Edna's Christmas in the Valley brings many people out every year and both kids and adults just love it. This was the 9th year for the event.

The Easter Egg Hunt was shut down by COVID but because all the candy and chocolates were ready, the Easter bunny was able to come to everyone’s house in 2020 to deliver goodies to the children. This year they had more than 125 kids from all over the county. There were plenty of snacks, crafts and Easter egg decorating for everyone. It was well-organized and the kids loved it.

Both Teresa and Kayla are exceptional because they are willing to help out anywhere that they are needed and they bring the community together from Woking to Bay Tree to Savanna.



Valerie Bates*

* Unfortunately Valerie was unable to attend the BBQ.

Bay Tree Park, Bonanza School Bring It Society

Nominated by: Lee and Joanne Lefebvre

Valerie Bates is a registered nurse. She is there to assist anyone and everyone who needs help, whether it’s medical help, or any other problem that people may have. She is always there for a friend to talk to and to help when someone loses a loved one, or needs to be consoled. She is a great organizer and helps out at our Cotillion Hall, and with many other activities.

She inspires the older people (and not so old) to exercise and keep moving, even in the winter time. She helps out at her church in Dawson Creek and is a Sunday school teacher. She helps out in any way she can and never tires. She is a good friend and a great neighbour. Valerie is the best thing that ever happened to Cotillion, and the people who live in the area.

When someone is sick she will bring them food and a get well card to cheer them up. Valerie has more energy than anyone I know. If anyone should receive this award it should be her, for the years of dedication she has shown. She is the first one to be there to help and the last one to leave. We all feel very safe in our community.

She is married to Darrel, and they have two children, and a farm, in Cotillion.


Gerd Cramer

Gerd Cramer

Gerd Cramer receiving his certificates of recognition from Manager of Protective Services Brice Daly.

Woking and Westmark Community Builder

Nominated by: Karen Egge of the Dunvegan Toastmaster Club

Gerd is an active community builder in the Woking and Westmark area. He presently serves as the vice-president of the Westmark Farmers League. the treasurer of the St. John's cemetery committee, member of the St. John's Lutheran church council and vice­ president of public relations for the Dunvegan Toastmasters club. He has been a long-time firefighter with the Woking department.

Gerd has many skills he shares with the community. One example would be helping with the design of the Westmark Hall and supporting the work bees with hands-on labour to finish the project. He took the lead working with contractors to install the sound and screen technology needed for the hall.

People like working with him and supporting his ideas for improvements. An example would be the improvements completed with the cemetery. He continues to build his public speaking and leadership skills with active membership in the Dunvegan Toastmasters club and we appreciate his initiative and commitment.

The community knows if Gerd is involved in the project or organization because the work will get done and he keeps his commitments. He is a good listener and works effectively to get other peoples’ ideas incorporated in the project. He is good at getting others to volunteer and is respectful of their time and expertise.



Carla Day

Carla Day

Carla Day receiving her award from (l to r) Deputy Reeve Danny Roy, Councillor Ed Armagost and Councillor Gerry Richard.

Gordondale Community Club

Nominated by: Joyce Matkowski

Carla has spent hours phoning and organizing for our new hall in Gordondale.

When she takes on a project she sees it through to the end. She doesn’t give up.



Patricia Maxwell

Patricia Maxwell

Patricia Maxwell receiving her award from (l to r) Deputy Reev Danny Roy, Councillor Ed Armagost and Councillor Gerry Richard.

Bay Tree Park, Bonanza School Bring It Society

Nominated by: Patricia’s daughter Phoenix

In Phoenix’s words,

My Mom has had the determination to help make the Bay Tree Park a safe and comfortable place for people to hold gatherings and events. She does amazing work with the Bonanza School Bring It Society and has helped raise money for our school to provide us with necessities.

If my mom is asked to do something, she makes it her job to complete it as fast and efficiently as possible. No matter how packed her schedule may be, she always manages to find time for my brothers and me.


Volunteer Firefighters and First Responders*

 *Not all firefighters and first responders were able to attend the presentations. Saddle Hills County will be publishing photos of our volunteer firefighters and first responders over the coming weeks and months as we join them at their hall meetings.

2022 Volunteer First Responder Recognition Milestones

5-year Volunteer Service Recognition:

Brently Wyant

Verlin LaRochelle

Tony Sadlier

Ryley Dreger

John LaRochelle

Jenifer Rak

James Smith

Donald Elliott

Dawson Elliot

10-year Volunteer Service Recognition:

Bruce Thomi (PLUS 12-year AESM Medal)

Jaclyn Rogers (PLUS 12-year AESM Medal)

Patrick Thiessen

Chris Yuha

Michael Armagost

Caleb Mandel

Ralph Bolch

Ron Stone (PLUS 12-year AESM Medal)

Ryan Taylor

Stephen Thomi

Vincent Toews

Brent Konstapel

Blaine Rogers

15-year Volunteer Service Recognition:

Bruce Rose

Delano Toews

Justin Rudy

Kevin Miller

Logan Dolen

20-year Volunteer Service Recognition:

Carl Konashuk

Greg Simonson

Joseph Singer (PLUS 22-year AESM service bar)

Nathan Mandel (PLUS 12-year AESM Medal)

25-year Volunteer Service Recognition:

Clayton Shore

Derek Dreger (PLUS 22-year AESM service bar)

Dwayne Drzewicki (PLUS 22-year AESM service bar)

Jim Boomgaarden (PLUS 22-year AESM service bar)

William Hutchinson (PLUS 22-year AESM service bar)

Jimmy Weleski (PLUS 22-year AESM service bar)

30-year Volunteer Service Recognition:

Andy Thomi (PLUS 22, 32-year AESM service bars, 30 year CVFSA)

Andrew Gregg (PLUS 30 year CVFSA)

Brent Rogers (PLUS 22, 32-year AESM service bars, 30 year CVFSA)

Chris Thomi (PLUS 22-year AESM service bar, 30 year CVFSA)

Lawrence Andruchiw (PLUS 22-year AESM service bar, 30 year CVFSA)

35-year Volunteer Service Recognition:

Lance Boomgaarden (PLUS 22, 32-year AESM service bars, 35 year CVFSA)

Jim Lillico (PLUS 22, 32-year AESM service bars, 35 year CVFSA)

40-year Volunteer Service Recognition:

Gerd Kramer (PLUS 22, 32, 40-year AESM service bars, 40 year CVFSA)

Dmitri Boychuk (PLUS 22, 32, 40-year AESM service bars, 40 year CVFSA)

Alberta Emergency Service Medals & Bars 2022

12 Year AESM Medal:

Timothy Bontron

Moira Boomgaarden

Nathan Mandel

Micheal Mitchell

Stephen Murray

Craig Rogers

Jaclyn Rogers

Yvonne Rogers (Plus a 22-year bar)

Ron Stone (Plus a 22-year bar)

Bruce Thomi

22 Year AESM Service Bar:

Lawrence Andruchiw

Edward Armagost (Plus a 32-year bar)

James Boomgaarden (Plus a 22-year, 32-year bar, and 35-year bar)

Lance Boomgaarden (Plus a 32-year bar)

Leslie Bouck

Dmitri Boychuk (Plus a 22-year, 32-year bar, and 40-year bar)

Gerd Cramer (Plus a 22-year, 32-year bar, and 40-year bar)

Ken Dolen (Plus a 32-year bar)

Derek Dreger

Dwayne Drzewicki

Chris Hehr

Bill Hutchinson

James Lillico (Plus a 32-year bar)

Brent Rogers (Plus a 32-year bar)

Yvonne Rogers

Larry Schuett

Shawn Shura

Clayton Shore

Joe Singer

Ron Stone

Andi Thomi (Plus a 32-year bar)

Chris Thomi

Jimmy Weleski

30 Year CVFSA Long Service Medal:

Ken Dolen

Edward Armagost

32 Year AESM Service Bar:

Edward Armagost

Lance Boomgaarden (Plus a 22-year, 32-year bar, and 35-year bar)

Dmitri Boychuk

Gerd Cramer

Ken Dolen

James Lillico

Brent Rogers

Andi Thomi

35 Year CVFSA Long Service Medal:

Lance Boomgaarden

James Boomgaarden

40 Year AESM Service Bar

Dmitri Boychuk

Gerd Cramer

40 Year CVFSA Long Service Medal:

Dmitri Boychuk

Gerd Cramer

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