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Fiber Construction in Woking

Residents have likely noticed crews from Northern Lights Fiber and Canadian Fiber Optics out and about working throughout the County.

It will then be no surprise, although exciting to learn, that high speed fiber internet construction is due to begin in the Woking area in the upcoming weeks! The Woking area is likely to see an uptick in the amount of equipment in the community in the next few months as fiber network construction gets underway.

Yvonne Rempel and Alexis Smith, Community Ambassadors with Northern Lights Fiber, will be out in the community raising awareness about the project and providing further information on the steps required. You can contact Yvonne at (780) 827-1464 or or Alexis at (780) 228-1698 or 

To get connected to the network, residents and landowners are asked to complete a Fiber Access Request in order to connect their home or business to the network. Residential connections are provided free of charge, with low-cost, affordable plans available from Northern Lights Fiber should you choose to join their network. By signing an Access Request you are under no obligation to sign up for a Northern Lights Fiber plan, although we challenge you to find one more affordable, or with more to offer!

Visit to learn more about the project and the steps involved in making this groundbreaking initiative a reality.

See below for the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions from Northern Lights Fiber.

How is Northern Lights Fiber Different?

We operate on a principle or fiber only. We refuse to build an infrastructure that will be outdated or need replacing. This means unlimited usage and a network that can grow and scale with the community. With an entirely fiber solution, you receive consistent and reliable equal download and upload speeds.

How do you get the Fiber to my Home?

We deliver fiber to your home through underground installation. We will typically use a vibratory plow or small drill to run the fiber connection directly to your property. This will connect our 'flower pots' along our mainline construction and connect you to our fiber network.

Will this Affect my Property?

Our work may affect your property in the utility right-of-way (located in front lawns and/or back alleyways). After construction is complete, we will provide remediation efforts and restore your property to the pre-construction condition.

In some cases, such as frozen ground, winter conditions, or heavy rain, we will be required to return when the ground is done adjusting and repair work can be completed properly. Typically, we will complete remediation within a few weeks of construction.

What are Utility Rights-of-Way?

This is where existing utilities and infrastructure are buried. These are typically found within two meters of property lines, in accordance with municipal permits. The municipality and utility companies have the right to access the utilities and services that are buried in the right-of-way, such as electrical lines, telephone lines, and internet cables. 

For more information on right-of-way access please contact Saddle Hills County at (780) 864-3760. 



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