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Local Child's Wish Fulfilled - Savanna Jug Fill Roof

Image of Jug Fill and Thomas Bolch's Letter

Local Silver Valley resident, Thomas Bolch, 7, saw the need for some change in his community and decided to take action! In September 2022, Thomas wrote a letter to Council (image below) asking them to consider installing a roof on the Savanna Bottle Fill Station, located at the Savanna Water Treatment Plant, so that he and others wouldn't get rained on when collecting water. The letter reads, 

"Dear Council, Could you please add a roof to the Savanna Jug Fill Station so I don't get rained on? Thank you. Sincerely, Thomas Bolch"

Image of Letter sent by Thomas Bolch

His letter was read in by his ward Councillor, Ed Armagost, at a Regular Council Meeting on September 26, 2023. Thomas' proactive approach caused Council to respond with a letter of their own, 

"Dear Mr. Bolch,

Thank you for your letter regarding the jug fill station at the Savanna Water Treatment Plant. Council discussed the issue at some length and the following motion was made in order to answer your suggestions and, if possible, remedy the situation:

Motion 536.09.27.22 "That Administration look into the costs associated with adding a roof to the Savanna Water Treatment Plant Bottle Fill and bring information back to Council, and send Thomas Bolch a letter in reply."

Once Council reviews the information brought back to us about the costs associated with adding a roof, we will discuss the issue further and make a decision.

Thank you for your interest in municipal government and for participating in a useful manner in your community. It is through actions such as yours that Council is able to help make Saddle Hills County a better place to live.


Reeve Alvin Hubert, for Saddle Hills Council"

Image of Letter sent by Council

After reviewing costs with Administration, Council instructed that a roof be built in response to Thomas' concern. The completed roof was installed on Monday, June 22, 2023, with all residents now able to visit the Jug Fill without fear of being rained on. Thank you, Thomas!

Image of Jug Fill Roof
Image of Jug Fill Roof
Image of Jug Fill Roof

The letters are framed and are available to view in the reception area of the Saddle Hills County Administration Building.

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