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Moisture Update - April 25, 2024


Map 1: Since April 17, 2024, it has been relatively warm and dry with precipitation levels ranging from 0 mm in most areas, to just over 10 mm across the far northern parts of the province (Map 1). Exceptions do exist along the extreme eastern portions of the province’s agricultural areas, with the most moisture of 5-10 mm, falling through parts of the Special Areas, and less than 5 mm falling elsewhere in this zone. This moisture was welcome given the lack of snowmelt runoff, but this is still not enough to reverse the long standing drying trend and meaningful moisture is needed immediately in the weeks ahead.

Over the next several days, conditions are expected to turn cooler and with this comes the promise of precipitation. Looking into next week, various forecast models all indicate a cool down, with conditions that are favorable for moisture, particularly across the southern Peace Region down through most of the Central Region. It’s still too early to tell where, and if, this moisture will fall, although this certainly means that hot dry weather is unlikely and that some areas will likely see much needed rain.


Simply put, precipitation, be it rain or snow, is desperately needed across most of the province. Thankfully the wet season lies ahead and there is still time for precipitation ahead of spring. This situation is familiar, as we have experienced many times in recent years, where a dry start to the season has brought the ever-present fear that it will remain so. Last weeks weather, or even that of last month or last year, is not a good predictor of the weather next week, next month, or next year. Local forecasts are generally reliable only for a few days and nobody knows for sure what May will bring, let alone June and July. For now all we can do is watch the skies and hope the moisture comes soon. At the time of writing the moisture for next week remains favourable. 

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