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Moisture Update - May 3, 2024


Since April 26, 2024, a fair amount of precipitation in the form of snow, sleet, and rain covered the province, amounting to more than 50 mm in some areas of the mountain and foothill regions and far North West corner of our province. The North East and South of the Peace Region experienced a range of 20 to 50 mm, and most of Alberta saw at least 10 mm over this time period. The Northern East and West reaches of the Peace Region remain dry, receiving less than 5 mm over the last 7 days.


Precipitation is expected to fall over Alberta during the beginning of next week. As most Albertans are aware, this time of year can be unpredictable. Snow, sleet, and rain can make an appearance, sometimes even all on the same day. Check in on your local forecasts regularly using the Alberta Climate Information Service using your desktop or smart handheld device.

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