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Moisture Updates - August 2, 2023

Image of Moisture Maps of Alberta

Since the last report (July 26, 2023) the North West and Peace regions have received significant amounts of precipitation. The South, Central, and North East remain dryer as some South-Central areas saw negligible amounts of rain. Temperatures across the province continue to be on the warmer side as we enter the last few months of Summer.

Recent Precipitation Patterns 

Maps 1 & 2: The last seven days (Map 1) saw modest amount of rain fall in the Peace, North West, and scattered areas of the South. The North East and Central regions remained dryer with most areas seeing less than 10 mm from July 27 to August 2. Areas of note include the Southern portion of the municipal district of Greenview receiving more than 50 mm of rain on average for the area. The last 14 days of precipitation (Map 2) indicates the Central and South portions of the province are still missing out on the much-needed precipitation that has brough relief for the more Northern areas of Alberta.

Temperature Patterns over the last 60-Days, as of August 2, 2023

Map 3: Temperatures recorded over the last 60 days continue to be warm on average compared to the long term normal. Some areas in the South and Peace have experienced one in 25 to 50 year “extremely warm” conditions which continue to contribute to crop moisture stress.

Precipitation Patterns over the past 90-Days, as of August 2, 2023 

Maps 4 & 5: Due to the recent increase of storm events occurring in the North West that have been spanning Northeast across the province, once in 50-year wet conditions (Map 4) are being recorded for this area of province. Contrast to the areas that have not received the recent rains areas in the South and far Northwest corner indicate the other end of the spectrum with one in 50-year dry conditions. Map 5 shows the variability of the rain fall in the province over the last 90 days, again the South and far North have seen minimal rainfall.

Soil Moisture Reserves as of August 2, 2023

Map 6: Soil moisture reserves in the South, Central, and North East agricultural areas are still low considered to normal. North West, Peace, and the Western outskirts of the North East are in better shape with near normal on average in the majority of the agricultural areas.


Conditions throughout August could have the potential to sustain yields with sufficient moisture. Continued increases in precipitation throughout the fall have the potential to set the stage for a good start to next growing season; given the fact that we expect to see above average precipitation continuing though the next few months.

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