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Moisture Updates - August 4, 2022

Image of Moisture Maps of Alberta


Map 1: Precipitation amounts since the last report on July 25, 2022 have ranged greatly throughout the province over the last 11 days. North West Alberta stretching from Yellowhead and Clearwater County, crossing the province East towards Lloydminster have seen upwards of 60 mm, with the most received in Beaver county in excess of 120 mm. A band of precipitation is also seen ranging from 50 mm to 90 mm was recorded spanning from the South near Lethbridge, Northeast to Lloydminster. North East and Peace region have on average seen less than 50 mm over the past 11 days and the same can be said for the mountain and Central areas.

Precipitation for the Month of July, 2022 

Map 2: Alberta’s precipitation recorded for the month of July amounted on average more than 75 mm. Fort McMurray and the Northeast corner of the province saw the least precipitation this past month and the Peace is not far behind with Peace River and Grande Prairie receiving less than 50 mm. The North West and Central regions received the most precipitation with the greatest concentration in South boarder of Clearwater County.

Soil Moisture Reserves as of August 4, 2022

Maps 3 & 4: Soil moisture reserves are continuing to report near normal across most of the province. Pockets in the North East have been experiencing one in 25 to 50 year lows, while areas North of Peace River are reporting one in 25 to 50 year highs.

15 Day Temperature as of August 4, 2022

Map 5: Temperatures recorded throughout the province over the last 15 days are considered moderately warm on average. Wood Buffalo and Mackenzie County have experienced some of the warmest temperatures over the past 15 days with one in 25 to 50 year highs. Forecasts for warmer and sunnier days ahead can be see for most of the province in the coming week.

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