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Organizational Resilience: Emergency Preparedness Week

Research shows that when staff are prepared for disruptions in their personal life, it helps them continue to come to work while they navigate the situation. This is incredibly helpful for those in professions that may become essential in times of a crisis.
Build your organizations resilience to disruptions with these tips:

  • Integrate disaster risk literacy into employee training and onboarding processes, like cyber security training.
  • Dedicate time during meetings to share a “preparedness moment”, include how being prepared reduced the disruption or risk. Invite “unpreparedness moments” too, as personal stories of lessons learned motivate action.
  • Share professional development opportunities related to building self-reliance, like preparedness webinars and e-learning courses that increase risk literacy.

 When risk literacy is increased at the staff level, that knowledge is often brought home and further shared contributing to more resilient communities across Alberta. The Be Prepared program's resources can help.

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