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Saddle Hills County First Responders Serve 3,188.5 Hours in 2022

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Saddle Hills County is made up of 5 volunteer fire departments, located in Bonanza, Blueberry, Happy Valley, Savanna and Woking and is served by approximately 120 volunteer first responders, including MFRs. 

In 2022, our volunteers have served a total 3,188.5 hours, so far! For context, that's equivalent to 133 days, or roughly 1/3 of a year.

This year volunteers who have reached milestones in their careers received medals and certificates in commermoration of their service, both at the Volunteer Appreciation BBQ this summer and, for those that couldn't attend, at their Christmas suppers throughout December. See below for a full list of these volunteers and their awards.

We are incredibly grateful for all the hard work they do to keep us safe and would like to say thank you on behalf of Saddle Hills County. 


AESM: Alberta Emergency Services Medal

CVFSA: Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Association

VSA: Volunteer Service Award


Andruchiw, Lawrence - 30-year VSA, 22-year AESM, 30-year CVFSA

Armagost, Edward - 22 & 32-year AESM, 30-year CVFSA

Armagost, Michael - 10-year VSA

Bolch, Ralph - 10-year VSA

Bontron, Timothy - 12-year AESM

Boomgaarden, James - 25-year VSA, 22-year AESM

Boomgaarden, Lance - 35-year VSA, 22 & 32-year AESM, 35-year CVFSA

Boomgaarden, Moira - 12-year AESM

Bouck, Leslie - 22-year AESM

Boychuk, Dmitri - 40-year VSA, 22, 32 & 40-year AESM, 40-year CVFSA

Cove, Chad - 5-year VSA

Cramer, Gerd - 40-year VSA, 22, 32 & 40-year AESM, 40-year CVFSA

Dolen, Ken - 22 & 32-year AESM, 30-year CVFSA

Dolen, Logan - 15-year VSA

Dreger, Derek - 25-year VSA, 22-year AESM

Dreger, Ryley - 5-year VSA

Drzewicki, Dwayne - 25-year VSA, 22-year AESM

Elliot, Dawson - 5-year VSA

Elliott, Donald - 5-year VSA

Gregg, Andrew - 30-year VSA, 30-year CVFSA

Hehr, Chris - 22-year AESM

Hutchinson, William - 25-year VSA, 22-year AESM

Konashuk, Carl - 20-year VSA

Konstapel, Brent - 10-year VSA

LaRochelle, John - 5-year VSA

LaRochelle, Verlin - 5-year VSA

Lillico, James - 35-year VSA, 22 & 32-year AESM, 35-year CVFSA

Mandel, Caleb - 10-year VSA

Mandel, Nathan - 20-year VSA, 12-year AESM

Miller, Kevin - 15-year VSA

Mitchell, Micheal - 12-year AESM

Murray, Stephen - 12-year AESM

Rak, Jennifer - 5-year VSA

Rogers, Blaine - 10-year VSA

Rogers, Brent - 30-year VSA, 22 & 32-year AESM, 30-year CVFSA

Rogers, Craig - 12-year AESM

Rogers, Jaclyn - 10-year VSA, 12-year AESM

Rogers, Yvonne - 12 & 22-year AESM

Rose, Bruce - 15-year VSA

Rudy, Justin - 15-year VSA

Sadlier, Tony - 5-year VSA

Schuett, Larry - 22-year AESM

Shore, Clayton - 22-year AESM, 25-year VSA

Shura, Shawn - 22-year AESM

Simonson, Greg - 20-year VSA

Singer, Joseph - 20-year VSA, 22-year AESM

Smith, James - 5-year VSA

Stone, Ron - 10-year VSA, 12-year AESM

Taylor, Ryan - 10-year VSA

Thiessen, Patrick - 10-year VSA

Thomi, Andreas - 30-year VSA, 22 & 32-year AESM, 30-year CVFSA

Thomi, Chris - 30-year VSA, 22-year AESM, 30-year CVFSA

Thomi, Bruce - 10-year VSA, 12-year AESM

Thomi, Stephen - 10-year VSA

Toews, Delano - 15-year VSA

Toews, Vincent - 10-year VSA

Weleski, Jimmy - 25-year VSA, 22-year AESM

Wyant, Bretley - 5-year VSA

Yuha, Chris - 10-year VSA

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