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Teaching Moments: Emergency Preparedness Week

There's never a bad time to practice emergency preparedness. Be prepared and encourage preparedness action year-round. 

Be it at home, school, or work, teaching moments are an opportunity to empower your network when the risk is low so that you can be prepared when the risk is high.

Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Home: Use current hazards and events, such as heavy snowfall or extreme wind, to start a conversation with your household about what you can do together to increase your self-reliance during these situations.
  • School: Take 5 to 10 minutes before, during, or after an emergency drill to talk about preparedness and how students and staff could be better prepared if the threat was real.
  • Work: Post preparedness tips in public spaces by sharing program fact sheets, checklists, and QR-code posters to motivate preparedness action.

The National Test Alert Day Guide offers more activity ideas for classrooms but can be applied to all settings. 

Teaching moments exist everywhere and the Be Prepared Program’s Resources can help support your efforts to increase your networks preparedness skills and disaster risk. 

Sample Activity

Lesson: Get Informed & Stay Informed | Time: 5-10 Minutes

Information can help you to make more informed decisions during times of stress. Apps like Alberta Emergency Alert, Wildfire, and WeatherCAN can help keep you safe. 

Get informed by finding trusted sources of information and downloading alert apps before an emergency occurs. Stay informed by following your trusted sources of information for updates that can help you take appropriate actions.

Discussion & Activity

Do you know the difference between an evacuation alert and an evacuation order?

Brainstorm different scenarios that may require an evacuation alert or order.

Go home and talk to your household about how to get informed of emergency situations.


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